iTweetReply web hosting giveaway

TITLE: iTweetReply web hosting giveaway
PRIZE: free one-year intermediate plan [50 GB Space / 500GB/month BW] packages from UnlimitedNet Hosting
DEADLINE: 15 May 09
METHOD: Join iTweetReply

What is the giveaway for?
Where giving away five free one-year intermediate plan [50 GB Space / 500GB/month BW] packages. (Does not include domain name)

How do i get involved?
Click Here to get put your name in the draw.

How does the selection process work?
It's completely random, we'll be selecting one per-week for five weeks.

Can i enter twice?
Yes, but only once per-week per user-name.

Is this open to current users?
Yes. Just follow the steps ignoring the first one since you've already signed up.

Will i still be in the draw even if i disable iTweetReply?
No, unfortunely the databases are connected so we'll lose your record if you quit iTweetReply.

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April 15, 2009 at 1:47 PM denaihati said...

terima kasih diatas teguran ini tapi jangan bimbang aku link kan setiap contest dengan ownernya sebab tujuan hanya untuk promosi setiap contest tak ada tokok tambah..dan tambah lagi aku dah masukkan you punya link di blog gocontest..kalau tak suka aku boleh keluarkan.