Free domains giveaway from Sulumits Retsambew

TITLE: Free domains giveaway from Sulumits Retsambew
One of this 4 domain names
Here are the 4 domains you can get for free:
Two English name domains: Expires: 2009-12-24 Registrar: GoDaddy (five letter domain with two keywords) FREE PUSH Expires: 2009-07-13 Registrar: GoDaddy Reseller (brandable)

Two Serbo-Croatian name domains: Expires: 2009-07-13 Registrar: GoDaddy Reseller („best links“ on Serbian language – a directory) 2009-07-13 Registrar: GoDaddy Reseller
DEADLINE: 15 May 09
METHOD: Choose domain name + Comment with simple greeting

And here are the simple rules:
1. You are entering in the contest by leaving the comment in contest post with the name of domain you want.
2. Fill the Name and Email in comment form so contest holder can contact you if you become winner.
3. Put some greetings in your message
4. Only one email can win one domain and only one domain per request
5. Winners will be picked up randomly
6. Contest ends on 15.05.2009.

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