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TITLE: Great Sites Cold Hard Cash Contest
PRIZE: $100.00 Cash by paypal or check (for those that don’t have paypal or hate it) or a Amazon Gift Card for $100.00 Or a Visa Gift Card For $100.00
DEADLINE: 20 March 09
METHOD: Refer below

All you need to do is write a post on your blog linking to this post or our site

Here’s how to do it- write your post talking about the contest or our site in general but make sure you use either one of these two links with the anchor text provided:

Great Site Reviews

Great Sites Cold Hard Cash Contest

The way I’ll be able to track entries is by receiving a pingback or comment to this article from your blog with your link to this article.

Now almost middle of the month, life pretty boring with nothing much to do. So I thought may be I need some inspiration from website. Typing, clicking, reading but nothing much catched my interest. *pling* with the power of google I search for great site reviews and stumbleupon

As I browsing through finding the great site to visit.. *zzzttt zzzttt zttt* magic happen again. This definitely killing two birds with a stone! In the middle of month, what else I wanted more? Great site absolutely I can find here.. plus bonus I can stand a chance to win $100.

Well with just spending 5 minutes from hours of wasted boring hour of mine, I entered the Great Sites Cold Hard Cash Contest and pray hard I could win the money. What would I do with the winnings? $50 surely will settle all my baby's necessity and remaining $50 to feed my big belly + my wife at least a week!

To find out more about the contest, go here.

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