VoB Review My Blog (Win $50)

TITLE: VoB Review My Blog (Win $50)
PRIZE: Best Review Wins $50
DEADLINE: After 20 reviews
WEBSITE/URL: http://voiceofbragg.com/review-my-blog-win-50
METHOD: Review VoB + Contact VoB with the url

DESCRIPTION: Refer website

My Review
Voice of Bragg owned by Randy Bragg mainly focus on what Bragg have to say. Well actually more about blogging tips & tools, SEO and more. Ranked 228,00 on Technorati with PR2 status VoB is a good place to start with for anyone who looking for a beginner guides of SEO and blogging.

Been established since December 07, VoB has provide plenty of quality articles which greatly help readers to improve their blogging skills.

Its hardly to find a blog with good PR that help other blogger especially in order to boost their rank. But not Voice of Bragg.. All you need to do is just copy & paste words below




With Bragg Tags after you paste the list into your article your site will ping back to VoB. And everyday Bragg will check his WordPress ping backs and he will see that if you have added the Bragg Tags list to your site, he will add you as a back link. Interesting is it?

Well there are some of the interesting part of become a community in VoB. I bet you can find more that will benefits you when you point your browser to Voice of Bragg and start build your site to the top.

Good luck

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January 26, 2009 at 11:28 AM Mira said...

Thanks for joining, good luck!