LOGO Design $50 Prize Payouts Paypal

URL: http://www.namepros.com/design-contests/661973-req-logo-design-50-prize-payouts.html

(REQ) - LOGO Design $50 Prize Payouts Paypal

Type of Contest : LOGO & Header Integrated Design

Prize : $40.00 First Prize / $10 Runner-up(s)

Contest End Date & Time : June 23 2010, 10pm PST

Size Requirements : Vector - Scaleable

Color Requirements : Eye Friendly Colors

General Requirements : This is a logo design for a packaging label for "SUNBERRY FARMS" a Blueberry Farm, the SUNBERRY can be more prominent than the Farms text in terms of size. I would like to incorporate a blueberry, or blueberries in the deisgn somewhere in terms of graphic, as well as sun rays, or a sun, hence the Sun Berry. Looking for a clean cut contemporary design, that will stand out creatively, would be interesting to see a blueberry make the B in SUN"B"erry graphically.

It is a contest for a logo/header combination, basically they go hand in hand, the logo and header should integrate the same sort of graphics, and concepts.

I will be providing feedback, and if I feel the contest is very close I will provide runner up payouts just to compensate for time spent. Paypal will be used for payouts.

Additional Information :Once logo is designed I will need some text added to the label such as Product Of,and Fresh Blueberries,and SunberryFarms.com, but focus on design, and a few lines of text can be added later after winner is picked. If you have any questions please ask

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