TITLE: The BMW Group Idea Contest “Tomorrow’s Urban Mobility Services


The prizes for the three best ideas:
1st prize: BMW or MINI portable Navi pro incl. mount
2nd prize: iPod Touch 32 GB
3st prize: MINI Messenger Bag

Most active member: MINI Cuckoo Clock


1. Start of contest phase: 02.03.2010
2. Deadline for submission of ideas: 16.04.2010
3. Jury meeting: 28.04.2010
4. Announcement of winners: 30.04.2010



The BMW Group Idea Contest “Tomorrow’s Urban Mobility Services” seeks new ideas for mobility services in tomorrow�s urban areas. You can submit your creative ideas regarding innovative services in the area of automotive mobility in cities and metropolitan areas of the future. It is important that you focus your ideas and thoughts on services rather than product solutions and that you keep your creative mind directed to the future decade � and further! You may enter as many ideas as you want. You can enter ideas in different categories:

1. Mobility in general:
Ideas in this category refer to service solutions regarding different vehicle and mobility concepts and describe a variety of travel proposes from your everyday way to work to leisure trips.

2. Parking:

Ideas in this category describe services regarding parking and cover topics such as the efficient and innovative use of parking space in urban areas, locating parking areas, payment services or additional services directly or indirectly connected to parking.

3. Electric Cars

This category deals with service ideas related to electric cars such as innovative solutions for charging or exchanging batteries, extension of possible travel distance or alternative usage of emission free cars.

4. Networks & Communication

Service ideas for the category “Networks & Communications” address topics like mobile services, inter car communication, and mobile Internet access. This category also deals with service ideas involving communication with mobility providers.

5. Applications

Service ideas for the category “Applications” deal with software solutions which are either integrated in the vehicle’s computer system or in mobile devices such as the iPhone and which offer certain helpful (micro)services regarding mobility, e.g. in the field of navigation or directed and undirected information search. Mostly, applications are updated regularly and/or are based on connectivity to the Internet.

6. Others

Ideas addressing further topics around tomorrow�s urban areas which are not mentioned above may fit in this category and are very welcome.

As the categories shall serve you as a helpful framework, your ideas can also fit in various categories. Also, the 3 winning ideas will be selected among all categories.

Submission of ideas
If you decide to submit an idea, you can contribute with the help of an easy-to-use toolkit. With the toolkit, each member can contribute own ideas easily and in a standardized format which enables other participants to comprehend the idea�s essence and to identify interesting aspects, shortcomings and potential for further elaboration.

You just have to follow these steps:

1. Get informed about the topic of the contest
2. Develop your idea
3. Describe your idea by filling out the provided form
4. Chose the topic to which you want to contribute your idea
5. Upload additional images and attachments (optional)
6. Add Tags (optional)

In order to participate in the contest, you have to register. As a registered user you can contribute your ideas and become a candidate for the prizes and also read, evaluate and comment on other ideas. To finalize your registration, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

To register, you must take the following steps:

1. Login information (mandatory)
2. Personal information (partly mandatory)
3. Car information (optional)
4. Get informed about the Co-Creation Lab of the BMW Group and apply for further innovation challenges (optional)
5. Get informed about the Innovation Community by the contest provider HYVE and apply for further idea contests (optional)
6. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the contest (mandatory)
7. Declaration of Consent to the use of personal data (partly mandatory)
8. Finish

After your registration you will receive a confirmation email. In order to activate your account, you need to confirm your registration by clicking on the link provided in the email.