Online Contest: Participate and Win $750

TITLE: Online Contest: Participate and Win $750
PRIZE: 1st Prize : $400 2nd Prize : $250 3rd Prize : $100
DEADLINE: 30 March 09
METHOD: Refer below


So what’s the deal and how you can participate in this contest?

  1. You need to subscribe to this blog via email. Enter your email address below and click on Subscribe. Check your inbox and verify your subscription.
  2. Comment below with your email with which you have subscribed. You can simply put your email under the Mail edit field. No need to put it explicitly on comments, unless you want to invite some unwanted attention by email scrapers.
  3. Now, visit this link to increase our chances to win this contest.
  4. Rule#2 holds good for previous email subscribers as well. If you want to participate you have to comment with your name and email id.
  5. If I win this contest, I “ll put all the email subscribers who choose to participate on, that will pick the three random winners . 1st , 2nd and 3rd email will receive the cash prize of $400, $250 and $100 respectively.
  6. Rules 2) and 4) are done in order to bring transparency to the contest.
  7. Online College’s contest starts from Mar/18th and ends on Mar/30th. The results would be declared on 15th April. If I win I”ll declare the result on the next day ie 16/April.
  8. Winners will be paid by PayPal. (If you don’t have paypal A/C don’t worry, it takes a minute to open it.)

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