Win Cash and Entrecard Credits at EntreDropper

TITLE: Win Cash and Entrecard Credits at EntreDropper
PRIZE: The grand winner will get $40.00, the second, $30.00 and 3 more will win $10.00 each just for writing a post about their favorite Entrecard blogger/site!
DEADLINE: 10 February 09
METHOD: Blog + Comment

Answer an easy question:

>> Who is your Favorite Entrecard blogger OR what is your favorite Entrecard blog site and why? This is the best time to review your favorite site and give them acknowledgement and some encouragement!! It must be a post no shorter than 250 words!! The longer, the better!

>> Leave a comment here that you have done so and you’re automatically entered.

>> Not joining the contest? You can still win by helping us promote the contest itself! Just embed the widget on your site, write a SHORT post and you may win $10.00 just for doing so. We are giving this as a bonus to 3 bloggers!

>> The first 20 entries gets 100 Entrecard credits!! Go for it!

>> Include the short list of Sponsors to increase your chances at winning:
Viral Emails The Lie Politic My Reality Television Sinigang For the Soul Blogs That Follow

>> Judging is done by representatives of the 5 sponsors. The criteria will be based simply on the content of the post, how it is written (30%), the length (20%) and the overall WOW factor (40%) for a total of 90%! Inclusion of the sponsors link and embedding of the widget cover 10% of your total score.

What is your favorite Entrecard blog site and why?
My favorite Entrecard blog site absolutely goes to Indo Contest. I started this blog because been inspired from Indo Contest entirely. All I can say, the fastest and latest contest information that everyone can get. Thats why I'm choosing Indo Contest as my entrecard blog inspired site.

And actually you dont have often to visit the actual contest organizer website because Indo Contest already provided you a quite full details about the contest. I often go to his blog to find a lot of contest that I might miss, and so far i'm so satisfy to get a lot info from them.

Without say more, if you are looking for the great contest to participate go visit Indo Contest and I'm sure it never gonna dissapointed you.

From Indo Contest I've learn about the Entrecard, which I've seen a lot of prizes involved entrecard credit. I always wonder what it is and done a bit research on it. From there then I know what a great benefits of entrecard. My traffic are going strong everyday and i'm getting a lot of unique visitor. Thanks to Indo Contest. Without them, i'll never know about internet contest and most importantly the power of entrecard can give to me.

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February 15, 2009 at 2:29 PM Entredropper said...

Congratulations! You are one of the three winners of $10 paypal cash for joining our contest at! Claim your prize by contacting us and sending your paypal email address. Thank you.