Domaining Contest

TITLE: Domaining Contest
SponsorPrizeValue$100 Cash via PayPal.$100$200 Cash via PayPal.$200
EscrowDnS.comFree Escrow Fees for 3 Months$$$
WhyPark.com1 free 100 domain account$99$50 gift certificate at$50
MissDomain.com3-Year Subscription to MissPark.$660
Wordtracker.com6 month subscription to Wordtracker$354
WebsiteHeaders.netFree Website Header Design$15
BannersGalore.netFree Ad Banner$10
ParkingRevolution.comFree 6-Months up to 100 domains$90
SteadyNiche.com1 Domain SteadyNiche License$9.95
DNStuff.comFree 3-Year Membership$199
ClickFire.com1 month Clickfire home page 160 X 90 ad$200$$$
RegFeeDomains.com2 x Domain Registrations at$16
DotSauce.com1 lifetime membership to DotSauce Premium($10/mo value)$$$
FusedHosting.net1 year of Shared 1$32
FusedHosting.net1 year of Proxy25$30
1 Signed Copy of “The Domain Game”$30
Total: $2,100+

DEADLINE: 23 January 09
METHOD: Subscribe

DESCRIPTION: Refer website

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