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TITLE: Two Macbook Pro Giveaway

DEADLINE: 18 December 08
METHOD: Subscribe + Blog review

Two ways to win: When Real Lottery Winner blog reaches 500 RSS readers, that’s the time D will give away the first Macbook Pro. And for the second one, there must be at least 20 people to participate in the review part. Winners will be announced on December 18, 2008. For more detailed information, just visit the contest post here. Good luck everyone!


What would you do with all that time, with all that money?  Imagine, you’ve hit the multi-state mega millions super duper powerball jackpot.  You never have to work again.  That new house you wanted?  No problem.  And add a HDTV, surround sound, DVD collection, and favorite video game console while you’re at it.  And a nice new car.  Heck, two or three.  Heck, give all your friends and family a nice new car too!

But … then what?

After you’ve bought everything you want to buy, after you’ve done everything you’ve always wanted to do… then what?

Money doesn’t buy happiness.  It’s essential to have some money in life.  We’ve all got bills and rent and requirements to, you know, eat food every now and then, too.  But after a certain point, it’s all gravy, all bonus.  Nice, fun, wonderful.  But… it turns out, money has nothing to do with whether you’re actually happy or fulfilled or not.

Those are inner things.  That rich men and poor men alike can have.

Happiness is a choice.

And fulfillment comes from not only meeting your own needs, but then turning and helping others satisfy their needs too.  Giving back.  Contributing somehow.  Helping others.  That’s why super wealthy people start charity foundations and donate generously to causes and organizations they believe in.  Because it actually makes them feel good.  Because it’s not enough to only satisfy your needs.  There’s something about the human soul that needs to reach beyond itself, to make a difference, to connect and benefit others.

At the same time, the soul also needs to grow… to expand, to learn, to become more today than who you were yesterday.  That’s the other part of being fulfilled.

Toys and gadgets and houses are wonderful too.  Just don’t expect them to be the source of your happiness.  They are bonuses to your happiness, nothing more.

I knew this all in theory before.  I had heard other wealthy people tell me as much.  But now I get to watch it, in real-time, with a real life lottery winner.

I don’t know him personally, but I stumbled onto his blog a long time ago.  One day he won the lottery — hit the big jackpot — for real.  And he decided it might be fun to blog about what happens next.

And sure, he bought lots of stuff.  But it wasn’t long before he started to find ways to give back and help others.  And now, he’s thinking about starting a new business too.

This is why I encourage EVERYONE to be rich — whether it’s through winning the lottery, investing well, starting a business, becoming a movie star, or something — because once we stop stressing about taking care of our own needs, we naturally want to help others.  And we naturally want to grow.

I’ve blogged about this before.  It’s actually selfish to choose to be poor.  Because then your whole life becomes a focus on self-survival.  And who are you helping then?

I’m not saying all rich people are generous and loving.  But many are.  And the super successful are the ones who try to make the biggest difference in the world.  The really rich don’t ask, “how can I make more money,” but instead ask, “how can I offer more value or better goods and services to more people, at a better price than what they’re paying now?”  They seek to serve.  They seek to create and add value to our lives.  And our entire standard of living is raised, because some entrepreneur somewhere had a vision of what was possible, and worked hard to make it a reality.  They made money in exchange for improving and enhancing the quality of our lives.

You can make money selling something people don’t really want or need.  But to become really wealthy, you need to offer something they do want and/or need, something they do highly value and enjoy.

Like automobiles.  Cell phones.  Computers.  Affordable clothing.  Affordable housing.  Great movies.  Delicious food from half way around the world.  Electricity.  Books on the Kama Sutra.  Stuff like that. :)

Most rich people aren’t greedy.  Only the people who focus solely on themselves — rich or poor.

So go ahead, manifest winning the lottery or create a billion dollar business.  Do it.  You’ll only make the world a better place, in big ways and small ways.  Because remember, we’re all interconnected.  When something good happens to someone else, ultimately, something good happens to us all.

So next time you meet someone who’s rich, successful, beautiful, lucky, or whatever — don’t envy them, and don’t ignore it either.  Look in your heart and honestly say, “Good for them.”  You just might teach your subconscious that it might be okay and good for you too. :)

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