MySasas Christmas Score and Win Contest

TITLE: MySasas Christmas Score and Win Contest

DEADLINE: 31 January 2009
METHOD: Refer description

3 Simple Steps: Register, Score & Win!!

Step 1: Register for FREE. There is no catch. You get ABSOLUTELY FREE access to all our smart quizzes until 31 Jan 2009!

Step 2: Log in and start scoring SmartPoints. SmartPoints can be obtained by:
a) giving correct answers to the Smart Quizzes
b) introducing friends to
c) posting or replying to questions/suggestions written by other students
d) commenting on news & events posted by
e) reporting errors found in our Smart Quizzes

The more you score, the higher your chances are of winning the grand prize. Click here to find out more about MySasas SmartPoints.

Step 3: Students with the highest points by 31 Jan 2009 will walk away with the prizes listed above.

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