Christmas For Payatas

Living in the landfill area is the worst living environment that anyone can imagine. With the black smoke all around area, the poisonous gas that they breath everyday make their day more than suffer.

Just imagine those kids who supposedly be in school, learning and studying had to work in this dirty place to get money to buy foods, cloths etc... How lucky we are where our children dont have to get through this kind of life and most of things are ready for them by us.

As a fellow human being, I am fully to take my responsibility to help those families that lives in dump site area. With the power given, the power of the internet I wish I can spread the story of their life to everyone in the world to share and to do their part as well to help them for a better life.

Christmas for Payatas is the organization that responsible to help this unfortunate person. Please help them so they can have a life like other people in this world. All donation can be made through this website. Please forward this page to and be part of people who care for each other. Thanks

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