Youth Trekker Wanted - Taiwan Give You A Free Hug

TITLE: Youth Trekker Wanted - Taiwan Give You A Free Hug
PRIZE: USD 1,000 Trip To Taiwan with Round Trip Tickets x 12, 120 Skype Phones for each lucky winners
DEADLINE: 30 November 2008
METHOD: Answers + Email
Youth Trekkers Wanted. Taiwan-give you a free hug
Organizer: National Youth Commission, Taiwan

Origin and Purposes
Fly to reach your dream of travel!
Draft and realize a thematic travel plan lasting for over 10 days to interact with the society, culture and environment of Taiwan. To promote Youth Travel in Taiwan, Taiwan National Youth Commission invites the youth of the world to explore Taiwan by the use of Youth Travel Card, Digital Tour Buddy, TR Pass, Taipei Pass, Tour Guesthouse and website of Youth Travel in Taiwan provided by the Taiwan National Youth Commission.

Any youth aged 18~30 with the nationality of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore or Malaysia can sign up for the activity.

Description of the Activity:
Taiwan National Youth Commission invites you to fantasize your travel dream, boldy exert your creativity and show us your travel plan to Taiwan. You might be the next lucky person winning a travel allowance of USD1,000 in cash and free air tickets!

Topics for the travel itinerary:
The contents of the plan have to include:
1.Motive of participating the event and personal experience
2.Theme and characteristics of the travel plan of Taiwan
3.Arrange an itinerary of at least 10 days. Plan the accommodation at Tour Guesthouse for at least 2 days.
4.The itinerary may cover the budget planning, idea about traveling, idea and arrangement of routes, contents of the theme, or the reasons of coming to Taiwan and so on. You can further explain the contents by any collected supplementary information so as to assist the referees in fully understanding your plan and contribution.
5.List out the ways you use to share your traveling experience in Taiwan.
Download the standard form of plan here -->

Collection period: Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, 2008
Announcement: Dec. 17, 2008

• 12 winners (2 selected from each country/place) with the awarded works
• 120 good works (20 selected from each country/place)
• 10 message forward awards

Prizes for winners:
• Each winner can obtain a traveling allowance of US$1,000 and round-trip economy air tickets between the departing city (it has to be in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore or Malaysia) and Taiwan (12 winners).

Rights and obligations of the winners:
• The 12 young winners have to come to Taiwan to complete the“Youth Trekkers Wanted. Taiwan-give you a free hug” trip within the period from Jan. to May 2009 according to their plans.
• Winners have to apply for Youth Travel Card and Digital Tour Buddy, spend the traveling allowance of USD1,000 in the travel plan of Taiwan, and complete the trip before the end of May 2009. The winners also have to upload the diary, photographs and video clips of the his/her travel to the Youth Travel Blog of Youth Travel in Taiwan Website for all surfers to browse. Besides, at least an audio-visual film should be taken and posted on Youtube.

Prizes for good works:
• Skype phone (120 winners)

Prizes for message forward awards:
• Surfers forwarding the related information can join the lucky draw, and may obtain exquisite gifts (10 winners).

• The organizer shall individually notify all the winners within 10 days after Dec. 17, 2008.

Assessment Standard:
• Fitness and depth of the theme 30%
• Creativity 20%
• Feasibility of ideas 40%
• Expected effects and benefits 10%

Official rules :
• Participants of the event must have nationality of Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, or the residents of Hong Kong or Macau aged between 18-30.

• All winners will be individually notified by the organizer, but other participants will not be notified.

• In case winners cannot come to Taiwan due to timing or other issues, they are regarded as automatically giving up their prizes. No allowance or prize shall be offered after the deadline.

• The organizer has the right to publish video clips, photographs and articles provided by the winners coming to Taiwan on newspapers, magazines and different kinds of media or extract, reproduce or put them in new booklets without paying additional rewards to the winners.

• The organizer has the right to interview the winners, and publish the related introduction on newspapers, magazines and the media, or film the process and feelings of their coming to Taiwan. The participating works have to be made in person. Anyone using other person’s name shall not participate in the activity. The accused winner being proved to be in other person’s name will have his/her winning status disqualified. All his/her collected prizes shall be returned, and the vacant position of winner shall not be complemented.

• According to the tax regulations, foreigners have to pay 20% tax of US$1,000.

• The participants guarantee that all the information submitted are true and correct, without using the information of any third person. Should there be any inauthentic or incorrect issues, the participant concerned shall have his/her participation or winning status disqualified. If the inauthenticity has caused damage to the organizer or any third party, the participant shall bear all the related responsibilities.

• All the awards of the event shall take the information posted on this website as the standard. Should there be any force majeure factors, the organizer reserves the right to change the prizes by other gifts of the same value.

• Should there be any force majeure factors limiting the implementation of this event, the organizer shall have the right to determine the cancellation, termination, revision or suspension of the event.

• Under the protection of law, the organizer shall not disclose the personal information of participants provided for the participation of the event without the prior consent of the participants.

• The organizer reserves the right to revise the contests and prices of the event.

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