GoMobile Now Become BIGGER!!!

Go go gadget!!! Opss.. sorry wrong tagline


GoMobile.my now become stronger and stronger.. be a Malaysian, support GoMobile and you might win some great prizes too!

Want to know how????!!!
1. Turn up at the GoMobile Clique booth and show them your GoMobile Clique card. That’s all you need to do to walk away with something (and it could even be a mobile phone!)
2. No GoMobile Clique card? No worries, just sign up at www.clique.gomobile.my. After we verify your registration at the GoMobile Clique Booth, you’ll be welcomed with open arms (and a gift J)
3. Not difficult, right? But just for the heck of it, there’s an even easier way to win; just turn up at GoMobile 2008! Honest. We’re giving away phones and other gifts at random times over the entire three days. So if a siren sounds when you walk into the hall, don’t panic and put up your hands; put them out instead to receive your gift.
4. Or you could keep yourself updated on mobile lifestyle for the next 12 months by subscribing to Mobile World magazine and get an LG mobile phone absolutely free – as long as you’re among the first 50 every day. (Siapa cepat, dia dapat!)
5. Or maybe you fancy your chances on the GoMobile GoHunt! That’s a mobile application that you can download onto your phone and use it to take you on a cool treasure hunt at GoMobile 2008. You’ll have loads of fun AND, yes, you could win fantastic gifts.
6. Another nice way to snare something at GoMobile 2008 - be around when the Hitz.fm Cruiser crew is at GoMobile 2008. Those guys have LG phones to give away!
7. If you still cannot get gifts from our above suggestions, then we suggest you put on your dancing shoes and take part in the GoMobile 2008 Hip Hop Dance Competition – Nokia is sponsoring cash for the winners. There’s RM2000 for the winner, RM1000 2nd place and RM500 for the third place team.

Get your shoes on.. and start running now to hunt those prizes.. Hurry!!!

And dont forget to show up at gomobile expo out from 21st-23rd November at PWTC!

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