DNXpert Mega Contest with $4800 worth prizes

What an exciting contest by http://www.dnxpert.com team make me craving to win the $500 cash that will definitely boost me to shift to my own domain & host. Its a great pleasure if I win since I desperately to shift my site to a better place for a better service.

TITLE: DNXpert Mega Contest with $4800 worth prizes



$500 Cash via PayPal.



$200 Cash via PayPal. Click here for details.



$180 Gift Certificate. Click here for details.



3 One-Theme WP Theme Licence. Click here for details.



1 x 100 domain account. Click here for details.



$200 credit in winner’s Bidvertiser account. Click here for details.



1 x yearly license to DNSStuff professional toolset. Click here for details.



$100.00 worth of Escrow fees. Click here for details.



3 x 10 domain package of PPC optimized minisites, 1 x $100 in cash via PayPal. Click here for details.



$600 worth of credit for markup services and implementation. Click here for details.



4 x Estibot Pro memberships for 1 year. Click here for details.



$100 Cash via PayPal. Click here for details.



10 LLLL.coms and 10 LLLL.nets. Click here for details.



$200 credit in Parked.com account. Click here for details.



1 x Licence of VideoPostRobot + Choice of 1 x license of SyndicateKahuna Pro or $67 cash via PayPal. Click here for details.



3 x 1 yearly Premium DNXpert access membership. Click here for details.



4 x 1 copy of the Domaining Manifesto domaining ebook. Click here for details.



1 x Annual subscription. Click here for details.


Mystery sponsor

Each and every participant in the DNXpert Mega Domaining Essentials Contest will receive a mystery prize from a sponsor to be revealed at the end of the contest!


Total: $4,879

DEADLINE: 30 November 2008
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.dnxpert.com/2008/11/01/the-dnxpert-mega-domaining-essentials-contest-4800-in-cash-and-prizes/
METHOD: Subscribe + Blog + Comment

How The Contest Works
Winners will be selected by a random draw on the 30th of November 2008. In total there will be 30 winners drawn for the random draw. Each person entitled to win one prize only

To take part in this random draw contest, there are few steps you need to follow as specified in below instruction. (Note: prize providers are not eligible to enter the contest so as to avoid any bias issues.)

During the contest month http://www.dnxpert.com will reveal further clues on how you can gain more entry points to further increase your winning probability.

Contest Steps And How To Earn Entry Points
Step 1: (COMPULSARY). In order to be eligible for the random draw and win a prize you must be a DNXpert forum member. You can register for free here. Make sure you click the confirmation email in your inbox once registered to confirm your registration. Once registered leave a comment section in http://www.dnxpert.com/2008/11/01/the-dnxpert-mega-domaining-essentials-contest-4800-in-cash-and-prizes/ with your forum username to indicate your participation. (1 point)

Step 2: Write a post on your blog indicating which prize you would love to win most and why? Leave your post url in the comments section in http://www.dnxpert.com/2008/11/01/the-dnxpert-mega-domaining-essentials-contest-4800-in-cash-and-prizes/ (10 points)

To check your current random draw points go to this page.

Don’t forget, by simply participating in this contest, you WILL win the mystery prize by http://www.dnxpert.com mystery sponsor to be revealed November 30.

Happy contesting everyone!

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