Free Golf session for jobseekers!

TITLE: Free Golf session for jobseekers!
PRIZE: Only 30 seat available
DEADLINE: 31 October 08
METHOD: Attend

After achieving great success and having lot’s of FUN on Malaysia 1st and largest jobseekers gathering @ GSC Mid Valley last saturday, we are so excited and can’t wait to organize another gathering. Over hundreds of JobsBroadway members turned up for last week gathering @ GSC Mid Valley.

Instead of being a boring and serious jobsite like others, we feel that an online job site suppose to be more FUN !JobsBroadway .com = FUN ! Therefore, we are organizing our next gathering on this saturday. 2 EVENTS in 2 Weeks! We are an aggresive Jobsite, aren’t we? YES, WE DO!

We will be sponsoring 30 of our members (registered JobsBroadway jobseeker) for a FREE golf session @ famous BUKIT JALIL GOLF CLUB. Why do we pick golf session? Read on ..

GOLF is one of the success icon after cars and luxurious holiday! Even my aunt signed up a golf lesson for her 4 year old son. So, when we were planning on November events, we’ve decided to let jobseekers experience the thrill of golf. No golf experience needed as we are hiring a professional coach to guide you all the way!

So, here’s what we plan to do. Let’s gather at Bukit Jalil Golf Club (Driving Range) on 1st Nov 2008 (Saturday) at 4pm - 6pm. Perfect time to exercise, twist your waist, and kick start some fun with golf. The driving range we’ve chosen is perfect for us. The Bukit Jalil Golf Club Driving Range is 2 tier with a total of 60 bays.What I like about this driving range is FULLY sheltered! Means I don’t need to put on my sun block or shades!

There’s a particular reason why golf is on our list compared to other sports. We realize as we grow older in our career path, golf is inevitable, be it with your colleague, manager or your customers. It’ll just come sooner or later when your customer would asked, “Where do you usually play golf?” , “Let’s golf and will talk about business”. So, this is a perfect opportunity to start your very first golf lesson.

There will be a professional coach to help us to start. So, don’t worry about how, what, when… he’ll let us know during our gathering. Can't wait to see you guys!

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